About Reis and Kirkland

Reis & Kirkland is what is often referred to as a boutique or specialty law practice. We represent a small number of clients in medical malpractice and other serious personal injury claims, focusing our time, attention, and resources on obtaining successful results for them.

Randy and Kimberly are personally involved in every aspect of each case we review. We take the time to evaluate each potential case and explain the law and the medical proof required to prevail. We will give you our honest judgment about the merits of your claim.

When we accept a case we employ our skills, experience and judgment to advocate for you through every step in the legal process from drafting complaints to conducting discovery to mediating and/or trying your case. The work of building your case is our responsibility and will never be handed off to junior attorneys.

Throughout the litigation process we work with you to achieve a just resolution of your case. Our goal is to conclude our representation with our clients feeling that they mattered to us, that we heard and voiced their stories, and that we worked diligently to protect their interests.

Areas of Practice

  • Birth injuries including cerebral palsy and brachial plexus
  • Surgical malpractice, including laparoscopic, arthroscopic, and open procedures
  • Emergency medicine negligence
  • Sepsis diagnosis errors
  • Cancer: diagnosis errors, including cervical, breast, lung, colon, melanoma, and other cancers
  • Cardiac disease misdiagnosis
  • Spinal cord injury diagnosis errors
  • Delayed diagnosis of hip dysplasia
  • Nursing and hospital malpractice
  • Other personal injuries including work site injuries and automobile injuries